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Romney educates Team Obama on vouchers

Mitt Romney has already proven that when it comes to defeating Obama he is the anti-McCain.

For the most part Romney has refused to take Team Obama’s offensive thrusts without an immediate parry.  It is refreshing.

He is driving the national debate on the economy and now he has taken a clear position on another huge issue–education.  The president insists that people should have the right to choose when it comes to whether you want to keep your baby or marry a member of the same sex.  But when it comes to the education of your children that would be a hell no!

My hope for Romney is that he will become the Freedom Candidate of 2012.  That is really what this election is about: attempting to keep as many of the governmental barnacles off our lives.  Advocating more freedom of choice on education in general, and vouchers in particular, is a step in the right direction.