Romney as Cinderella Man

Okay maybe that’s a stretch. Or maybe I just like the movie and wanted to work my favorite scene into the political discussion. It’s when Braddock is fighting Lasky and Giamatti’s character tells him how to do it:

Don’t sit down. You’re not tired. You’re fine.
Get that thing outta here. He don’t need it.
Is he looking over? Shake your head like you don’t need it.
Shake your head like you don’t want it. Yeah.
Why isn’t he sittin’ down?
Pay attention.
Now he’ll wonder: If Braddock is such an old man, why’s he still standing?
Why’s he still coming at me?
You’re stronger than this guy. Don’t back up, don’t back off!
This guy is a bull-rusher. He’ll keep coming at you all night, until you stop him.
He can’t back up. You stop him.

You gotta beat this son of a bitch from the inside out!
You hear me? You gotta get in there.
You get in there and hit him and keep hitting until you break his nose.
You fill his face with blood.
Beat him from the inside out, Jim, from the inside out!

Watch for yourself.

John Hinderaker comments on a couple new Romney videos that remind me of this scene in Cinderella Man. As John points out, as long as Romney sticks with the economy he’s winning.

Beat him from the inside out, Mitt. From the inside out!

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