Ridiculous empty threat of the week: Kofi Annan must have attended the Obama School of Foreign Policy

“I intend to have serious and frank discussions with President Bashar Al-Assad,” Annan said. “Our goal is to stop this suffering.”

This is the head of the UN after a bloody massacre in Syria that left over a hundred dead, including rows of mangled children.

After this horrifying murder the next most appalling event is the timidity and sheer vacuity of such pronouncements.

The truth is Assad has as much to fear from the coming “serious and frank discussions” as did Saddam Hussein before GW put a bead on his tail.

I’m not advocating Iraq II in Syria. Knowing what we know today I remain unconvinced that invading Iraq in 2003 was wise (but it was a close enough call that I got behind it and wanted to finish the job). But here we are with the criminal Assad as head of a terror-supporting state.

Enough with the posturing. Assad can either act with impunity or he will not be permitted to. Let’s make a call and go with it with some conviction.

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