Must read on the lunacy of Democrats on Syria

The ongoing drama in the Middle East starring Hillary as our genius ballerina doing pirouettes around Assad while batting eyes at Putin makes me crazy.

Apparently the Syrian pas de [trois?] has a similar effect on Paul Mirengoff at PowerLine:

The efforts of Pelosi, Kerry, and Obama were based on the myth that, unlike his father, Assad was “a reformer.” Indeed, Secretary of State Clinton was still clinging to that myth last year, after the revolt against Assad was already underway. Ms. Clinton cited reports from U.S. lawmakers who have visited Damascus. Presumably, she had in mind the likes of Speaker Pelosi and Senator Kerry.

Why has the Democratic leadership’s line on Assad been so staggeringly wrong? I’m tempted to believe that the explanation lies in Bush-derangement syndrome – that Pelosi, Kerry, and Obama acted the way they did because Bush had acted the opposite way. Certainly, there was a twinkle in Bush’s eye when he said, during the unveiling of his portrait as the White House, that Obama could look at the picture while making difficult decisions and ask himself: “What would George do?”

Read Paul’s post on the Democrats’ “criminal stupidity” in its entirety here.

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