A simple reason to vote for Romney: Health Care

Say what you will about his initiative in Massachusetts, he’s on record now that among the first things he’ll work to do is to repeal the disaster that is Obamacare.  Romney said this morning he’d like to set up health care on more of a consumer market model.

The Obama campaign’s counter to Romney is yet another reason not to vote for its truth-bending and demagogic candidate:

The Obama campaign hit back at Romney’s policy view in a statement Tuesday: “This morning, Mitt Romney promised that if he’s elected, insurance companies will be able to discriminate against Americans with pre-existing conditions, charge women higher premiums than they charge men for the same coverage, and kick young adults off their parents’ plans when they graduate high school or college. . . . For too long, American families have faced a choice between going bankrupt to afford the care they need or going without that care at all, and Mitt Romney wants to take us back to that time.”

Come again?  The sheer brazenness of Obama and his troops as they dive to the gutter in recasting and novelizing comments to scare the poorest and least educated Americans (while providing a script for his unflappably supercilious New York and LA elites) is remarkable if not impressive.

Here’s the simple truth: Our country is broke.  We spend trillions more than we bring in.  We cannot afford Obamacare (without even getting to the question of whether we want it).  In fact we can’t even come close to affording the ill-conceived, largely unread, byzantine piece of legislation that is Obamacare.

Obama doesn’t want to have that conversation though.  It’s not unlike Schumer’s specious argument that we have to keep spending what we don’t have or else we’ll have rioting in the streets (aka Austerity).

At least Romney is dealing with the issue.

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