The Russian Foreign Minister chides the US on Syria…from Tehran

This whole mess in Syria is just one more catastrophe in the short (we hope) life of the Obama presidency. First there’s the fact that according to Obama, Pelosi, Kerry and other leaders of the Democratic Party Assad is a model leader and the great hope for peace and democracy in the Middle East. Then Assad butchers his political opponents by the thousands.

Obama’s big stick (Joe Biden insists that he has one), which he waves around when he can hide behind drones and pick off low risk targets like Gaddafi, all of a sudden goes flaccid when the villain is a hero of the left and the villain’s wife is Vogue Magazine’s Rose of the Desert. (See Anna Wintour).

Now it turns out that not only was Syria arming American-killing terrorists in Iraq and backing Israeli-killing terrorists in Lebanon but our good friend Russia (clearly a staunch ally ever since Barack pressed the reset, or overcharged, or whatever button that was) has been supplying Assad with military equipment that may or may not have been used to obliterate Syrian citizens.

So while we’re trying to get Russia on board with some plan to slow down Assad’s massacres the Russians are providing the weapons that are being used for the killings we’re acting like we’re trying to stop.

Suffice to say that it doesn’t appear that (a) Obama has made any progress with Syria or the Middle East in general (which wouldn’t be an issue were it not for his juvenile overconfidence coming in) or (b) the reset thing has worked out so well.

To top it off, Russia now boasts that of course it is supplying Syria with military equipment while scoffing at the notion that any of its equipment is being used to harm law abiding Syrians and also managing to get in a jab at the US for good measure. And you want to know the kicker? The Russian Foreign Minister made his pronouncement from Tehran.

It’s worse than Bush’s shoe.

It’s time for him to go. Let’s give Romney a shot.

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