Foul left

I’m in my 40s and I’ve lived and worked in New York and LA.  I now live in a million-plus city in middle America and I travel extensively.  I hear foul language and sexually explicit jokes on a regular basis.  It is a fact of life in modern America and there is no escaping it.  Even kids’ movies today usually have at a minimum plenty of innuendo.

But I’m still taken aback when the vulgar banter jumps off the big and small screens and the small setting conversations to our national discourse and political debate.  I never would have thought of it, but I guess I’m grateful that debate moderators and our candidates don’t feel the liberty to pepper their talk with sh*t f*ck just to make a point.

What’s weird, though, is that if you go only one circle outside the candidates and their official spokesmen and listen, the difference is shocking.  Maher and his ilk unleash misogynist foulness on the Palins, Bachmanns and Malkins that would be on the front page of the New York Times if someone said the same about Hillary or Pelosi.  Sarah Silverman offers an explicit sexual experience to a major donor if he will contribute to Obama.  And George Lopez–mildly funny and generally innocuous–takes after Mitt Romney while cussing up a storm.  And this is all in the last couple days.

I can hear some of my liberal friends now making excuses, and, more specifically, differentiating in their minds their own views from the crassness of Obama’s advocates in the media.  But it’s not a difference that can or should be dismissed so easily. It is simply not a coincidence when it happens so regularly.

Only fools and rank Dems give Team Obama’s recent felony talk the slightest credence.  In fact, what everyone knows, including Obama, is that Romney is as straight laced as they come.  It’s doubtful he drinks, smokes, cusses, cheats on his wife or even laughs at dirty jokes.  I know what it takes to work at Bain and I can tell you that as its head he worked his tail off during what turned out to be the greatest bull market in the history of our country.  Call it right place right time, some luck and a lot of elbow grease, but he got rich fair and square and he earned it.  And for being rich, every indication is that he’s a good and decent man.

Maybe it’s boring, but I doubt you’ll see any of Romney supporters offering George Soros fellatio for $100 million.

We live in desperate times.  Jobs are scarce.  Our economy is gasping for air.  Our government’s debt grows by sums larger than other nations’ GDP–daily.  Our support for individual liberties is mocked as archaic and selfish by the Democratic leader of the House.  Our belief in the value of hard work and pulling oneself up by your bootstraps is chided by the President.  And the President’s crusaders don’t just scream at his opponents they spew filth into the public forum.

In 1976 Jimmy Carter played the moralist and soundly defeated Gerald Ford.  His presidency still ranks as one of the great disasters of modern American political experimentation.  Barack Obama ran against Bush as a different kind of moralist, but mostly he just ran against Bush.  By just about any measure–including his own in 2008–his presidency has been an epic failure.  But he will not go quietly.  His fangs are showing.  Instead of Hope and Change we have Fear and More of the Same.

And oddest of all, when confronted with an opponent who not only is a deeply moral man but also understands the economy as intuitively as Obama understood his chance to manipulate America’s desire for change in 2008, the President has opted to play the moralist himself and advocate not so much for anyone in particular as against the rich.

Only this moralist president also offers sexual favors.

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