Weakness and outrage

The murder of innocents in that Aurora Colorado theater is a horror. I cannot imagine the pain of the families who lost loved ones as a result of such a senseless and evil crime. I feel deep sadness for them, and my heart breaks especially for the parents of the children who were murdered by that man.

ABC News and two of its employees, however, could not resist politicizing the crime as they tried to suggest a linkage between the murderer and the Tea Party. Excuse me, but are you kidding me? It pales in comparison to the crime itself of course but that too is outrageous.

The knee jerk reactions of politicians, actors and others that “guns must be taken away!” are offensive and stupid, but it is expected and when it comes, as it did from John Leguizamo, amidst the horror and shock and sympathy for those executed, it’s even understandable.

But the responses that bother me most of all are the most insidious, subtle and telling ones, namely, the hand wringingly effete proclamations of the pols whose primary job is to protect and defend US, the citizens. Frankly I want outrage. I want RAGE from our elected leaders at the injustice. I want vows that justice will be served and that the criminal will not get away with this. Yes it sounds quaint perhaps, but the fact that it does is evidence of how far we’re already gone.

Mona Charen addresses this in National Review.

I don’t want to hear all those hackneyed practiced lines about healing. I don’t want to hear about how life is fragile. Fragile is when you die in a car crash or some freak accident. Fragile is not when you are gunned down in cold blood in a movie theater with dozens of others by an evil madman.

Let our families grieve how they see fit. And let the government do its job and hang that worm.

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