She was really just a composite?! Who is this guy?

People can continue to dismiss this stuff as not relevant but there is more here than meets the eye.  Now we learn that the  girl Obama took to the show by the black playwright was just a “composite” (his words) and not a girl at all.

In other words, he made it up.  It was a lie.

Why?  To fit his narrative?  To promote a certain agenda?  It’s bizarre.

I read something a while back about the really odd lack of information about Barack Obama’s past.  His girlfriends, his teachers, his friends.  Where are they?  He really does almost appear out of nowhere.  He’s at Harvard.  He meets Michelle.  He begins to save the world.  Then the legislature, then the Senate, then voila!  The Oval Office.

How is this even possible and why–seriously, why?–is the conventional media so completely not curious about it?

I’ve been guilty of a lack of curiosity about his past myself.  Like everyone else I couldn’t be bothered.

I’m not saying there’s a conspiracy or that he’s some Manchurian candidate.  But I would like to see some of that hard hitting investigative journalism that the Comedy News Network and others are always talking about instead of the continued puff pieces that refuse to ask a tough question.


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