Did Obama steal $10?

Power Line has a very interesting article in what is now a series of articles called Dubious Donations.

Now I’m sure there is a very simple straightforward explanation why a man who claims that he has never voted for or donated to a Democrat in his lifetime was charged $10 by “Obama for America” on his HSBC card (which account had also been hacked), I’m just saying maybe it’s worth a look see.

While I’m sure if a crime was committed in the name of Obama he will be able to distance himself enough that he can insist his hands are clean–try this one out: “while I had no knowledge of these actions and certainly do not condone crime of any kind, those are the works of spirited men and women who have been subjugated under the boot of the 1% and are simply acting out…”–there is no precedent in the modern era for the constant flow of thieves and thugs and scoundrels that swirl around this presidency.

No matter the protestations, we know that the governing ethos of the Obama machine is that all means are justified to advance the cause of its messiah.

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