Those who will not be mocked

Is it not unprecedented the lack of coverage of our current President by Saturday Night Live?  Or by any other comedy acts for that matter.

Why is that?  Clearly it’s not for lack of material.

We live in the most boastful, arrogant, shameless–and mocking–country in the history of this planet.  Since the advent of radio and television, no candidate or president has been spared media ridicule as has Obama. Sure Leno and Letterman have offered up some innocuous good natured ribbing–so long as it didn’t approach actual satire.

Respect for the President and the Office of the President is one thing.  But clearly–as Dubya, Bill, George H Dubya, Reagan, Carter, Ford and Nixon can attest–that’s never stopped SNL before.  SO WHY THE KID GLOVES?

The truth is that there are very few out there who aren’t either self-serving wannabe Machiavellians or cowards at heart.  They either are humorless about themselves and cannot tolerate the ridicule of one of their own (e.g., Maher/Stewart) or they are too cowardly to risk the scorn (how could you?!) and accusations (racist!) of their peers that comes with laughing publicly at their Great Hope.

Contrast this attitude with Reagan and Bush’s (both senior and junior) willingness to find the humor in many things that were inherently funny, even when it involved themselves.

Unfortunately Obama and his disciples feel the same way about comedy as they do about taxes: it’s funny as long as it comes at the expense of the other guy.

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