Is Obama trying to establish Jesus’ kingdom here on earth?

Now that Barry is invoking Jesus Christ to support his policy decisions, it’s fair game to consider other things that Jesus said.  Of course from a theological point of view, we need to consider if he is a Jeffersonian, or more aptly called Obamanian, in picking and choosing the words he likes and jettisoning those he doesn’t.  Or does he swallow the whole thing lock stock and barrel.

Let’s be safe and not veer off into the words of that old fogey Moses (even though Jesus did like to quote him) or the rabble-rouser Paul.  After all, they made very clear how they would view Obama’s evolution.  Oh wait, evolution might open a whole other can of worms.  So we won’t go there now.

Jesus wasn’t always so explicit.  But since the president is inspired by his teachings on gay marriage–what were those again?–he must be supportive of his other, more direct, words on things.  I like the one about the rich man and his vineyard where he says:

Don’t I have the right to do what I want with my own money?

Maybe we’ll see some evolution on this issue too.  But you know, ever since I left the water I’ve not been so good at holding my breath.

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