Anyone but Obama

I admire Barack Obama.  I love that in this country you can be raised by a single mom, have a father who is from Africa, start with so little, and still end up being the President of the United States.  Barack Obama’s story is truly remarkable.  It inspires hope that in this great country of ours anyone can achieve his or her dream.

But while I am proud that in this country Barack Obama can become President, I am also proud that we live in a country where a President can be judged by his ideas, his policies, his methods, and his agendas and not by the color of his skin.

Barack Obama is a great story and an inspirational man.  But he is a terrible President.  And for the sake of this great country of ours and the ideas of freedom, independence and individual responsibility that give it its strength and made it possible for him to become President, Barack Obama must be defeated in 2012.



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  1. bob dylan says:

    hehe. this is a funny site. GO ROMNI!!!

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